Liquid-Cooled Test Bay

WINCO prides itself for our quality generators. We want to ensure every generator that goes out our door, is ready when you need it. This is why we 100% load test every generator. Our test bays are constantly in use and our technicians ensure that generators pass inspection. Our technicians check for shutdowns, read gauges, test high voltages, and engine temps, to name a few.

Within the past few years, we have been working on providing larger power capabilities. Right now, we offer our largest generator at 600kW. Having such a large generator being built, our old test bay wasn’t large enough and we needed to find a way to test them. Therefore, we relocated our liquid-cooled test bay to a new area and installed upgrades to our new test bay to suit our growing capabilities.


The old liquid-cooled test bay was created inside an old paint bay. For many years, this was sufficient and we were able to conduct full load tests on units up to 90kW. But, the old test bay was not able to accommodate the larger, housed units. It was also lacking an adequate fuel system.


The new liquid-cooled test bay is larger, more organized, and able to test our 600kW. Our testers also have a separate area where the can apply loads and monitor readings without having to be close to the generator itself.

Check out the video for a little tour!

Stay tuned to see our other test bays, air-cooled and PTO!


Old, But Not Completely Obsolete

WINCO has been in business since 1927, starting with wind turbines to power a family farm’s radio batteries. As we have grown through the years, generators have been created and became obsolete while new generators were being designed.

One of the great perks of owning a WINCO generator is the longevity of support. We have 50+ year old units still out there; powering homes, businesses, farms, etc. The key to a long life is simple; conduct routine maintenance and replace parts as needed.


With over 20 years of experience at WINCO, our parts department is a wealth of knowledge of our generators, new and old. You would be amazed at all the part numbers they can rattle off from the top of their head.

Not too long ago, a customer needed AC brushes for his obsolete Winpower GE6W4 restoration project. We had the parts he needed, along with rectifier diagrams, and he was able to finish the project.

Now, we must state that we can’t get every part from the past. As years go on, some suppliers went out of business. But, we will do our best to help you.

Photo courtesy of Terry from Iowa

Our parts department has a library of all parts list of generators built.


Beyond getting parts, we also can help with technically questions on older models as well. Our technical support team is knowledgeable not about our generators, but also has an education in AC & DC electrical theory as well as working experience with electric motors and controls.

Being a company that likes to hang on to things, really benefits our customers. You can find manuals and other product support documents on our website by searching your model.

This 45 year-old unit came out of Dow Chemical in Midland, MI. Our technical support team was able to help with this customers questions.

Photo courtesy of Scott from Michigan

Need help looking for your model on our website? This blog will show you how to find your model or you can also go the the Service Support tab.

You can also call us at:
Parts Department: 507-357-6831 ext. 1.
Technical Support: 507-357-6831 ext. 3.


Get to Know WINCO – Summer Crew

WINCO has around 80 full-time employees.

This summer, high school students from surrounding schools used their summer break to work for us.

Let’s meet them!

Name: Dante Juberian
Hobbies: Running, gaming, technology

Q: What grade are you going into?
A: I will be starting my Senior year.

Q: Do you run for your school?
A: Yes, I run cross country and track. We went to State last season and I got 14th place.

Q: What kind of technology do you like?
A: PlayStation, Xbox, and Apple gadgets.

Q: Any plans for after High School?
A: I want to go to college, not sure what I want to major in.

Q: How are you liking WINCO?
A: I like it. Everyone is nice and I like that I get to do different things everyday.

Name: Zach Gargett
Hobbies: Sports, my old car, gaming

Q: What grade are you going into?
A: I am going into my Senior year.

Q: What kind of old car do you have?
A: It is a 2009 Pontiac G8

Q: What sports do you like?
A: Hockey and football.

Q: Any plans for after High School?
A: Not sure, I do want to go to college.

Q: How are you liking WINCO?
A: Same as Dante, I like it. We get to do different things every day and people are nice here.

Name: Katelyn Call
Hobbies: Drawing, video games, watching TV, sleeping, reading, writing

Q: What grade are you going into?
A: I am starting my Freshman year.

Q: What do you like to write?
A: Fantasy/fiction stories.

Q: I heard you like Anime, what is your favorite?
A: Saiki K at the moment.

Q: Any plans for after High School?
A: Not sure yet.

Q: How are you liking WINCO?
A: This is my first job. I like it, people are cool. I have been working as a material handler and picking parts.

Name: Janik Wagner
Hobbies: Gaming, working around the house, water sports, drawing, running.

Q: What grade are you going into?
A: I am going into my Senior year.

Q: Do you run for your school?
A: Yes, track and cross country.

Q: Any plans for after High School?
A: I want to go to college, probably get a business degree.

Q: How are you liking WINCO?
A: It is a good environment and good work experience. I liked working in maintenance the most.

Thank you for taking time to talk with me! We enjoyed having you all here and hope that you have a great 2022-2023 school year! We hope you come back next summer!


WINCO’s Lil’ Dog is Getting a New Engine

No, the Lil’ Dog isn’t on the dangerous breed list, but it will lose its CARB certification. As engine manufacturers are going through tough times, tough decisions need to be made. Because of these new changes, the W3000H will be equipped with a new engine next year.

This does not change the dynamics of the small, hand-held, portable generator that you all know and love. It is still light-weight, coupled with a Mecc Alte industrial gen end, industrial Honda engine, and able to power those lil’ jobs.


  • 2400 Running Watts
  • 20 Running Amps
  • 120V
  • 0.75HP Motor Starting
  • EPA Approved
  • CSA TUV Certification
  • 1 Year Commercial Warranty
  • 68 lbs


  • 2200 Running Watts
  • 20 Running Amps
  • 120V
  • 0.75 HP Motor Starting
  • EPA Approved
  • CSA TUV Certification
  • 1 Year Commercial Warranty
  • 68 lbs

We still have CARB approved W3000Hs available, but quantities are getting low. If you need CARB approved W3000Hs now, act fast before they are all gone!

To quote the W3000H/D or to find more downloads, click to go to it’s product page.


Paving the Way – Phase 2

Phase 1 brought us new sidewalks, phase 2 brings us a new parking lot!

A new parking lot is just one of the great improvements we have been making to help our employees, customers, and vendors. It was entertaining to watch the machines every step to make our parking lot go from a hot mess to a smooth and organized space.

Step 1: The soil stabilizer

This heavy piece of machinery ground up the existing parking lot, mixed in a binding agent, and created a better base for vehicle traffic.

Step 2: Base Layer

This is a critical step to ensure the foundation for the parking lot is compacted correctly and has proper pitch for drainage.

Step 3: Asphalt

It was a pretty warm day, but these guys did a great job to ensure the paving machine created an even pour. We had two layers installed. After each layer, they used heavy rollers to compact the surface.

Step 4: Marking

If you have visited us before, you may have noticed that we aren’t the best at parking in a straight line. This not only looks great, it also added designated accessible spaces. No promises that the stripes will be helpful in the winter!

Stay tuned to see what other improvements we are doing!