Service School 2022

June Service School

Our next Service School will be June 1st – 2nd, 2022
We promise the weather will be warmer than it was during our January Service School!

Our Service experts have been working hard to create the best techniques to keep you current on how to service our generators.
• More hands-on training
• We focus on current and past models
• Take a tour and meet our staff
• Air-Cooled models

To register for June Service School, email [email protected]

January Service School Recap

We had a great turn out for our January Service School. Thank you to all that were able to attend!


Our service team and engineers discuss the ins and outs of engines, generator ends, engine controls, and transfer switches.

We were grateful that legend-that-is JR, was able to share his wisdom. We tapped into his many years of experience to bring knowledge of the older models. Since we still have older models working hard, it is important to train how to keep them at top notch for use for many years.


Transfer Switches

Product Review

Hands-On Training

We added in more time for hands-on experiences. Troubleshooting generator ends, in-depth power distribution, and engine labs.

Power Distribution

Generator Ends


Factory Tour

We love showing off our factory! New machines, new spaces, and meet our amazing employees!


Paint Department

Liquid-Cooled Test Bay

Stay tuned for our liquid-cooled service school announcement!

See you soon!

– Big Dog

Service School Recap

June 16th was the first Service School we were able to host since 2019. We were excited to open our doors up and welcome our partners to our factory.

This Service School focused on the basics of air-cooled units. Using surveys from past schools, we scheduled much more hands on training.

The 3D’s of our Service Department, Dan, Dwight, and Dale, did a great job preparing and teaching the classes. Courses were about engines, generator ends, engine controls, and power distribution. Our President, Dan, also brought his knowledge of transfer switches and sizing in his own classes.


We learned the proper servicing of the Honda, Vanguard, and Kohler engines. In the engineering lab, we were able to practice setting the governor speed.


There are different types of gen ends. In this class we learned the workings of the rotating fields, stators, capacitors, and AVRs. We are able to train on how to find faults in capacitors.


Our standby units have had a couple of different controls in them, 2-wire, 4-wire, and currently we use the DSE3110 controller. Hands on training included using the DSE software to change alarms.


This class touched base on load balancing, GFCI and the WINCO YourGen Meter.


We had WINCO and ASCO 165 and 185 series switches set up for hands on training. This class took us into troubleshooting and the inner workings of a switch.


Sizing a generator can sometimes be tricky, but it is very important to make sure you properly size your generator for the load. This class taught proper sizing for motor starting.

A big thank you to everyone who were able to make the trip to Minnesota!

We enjoy being able to help our dealers and service centers get to know our generators. Stay tuned, we are scheduling our next Service School soon!


School is Back in Session!

Mark your calendars!

The WINCO Team is excited to announce an in-person Service School June 16th & 17th!

This course will focus on our air-cooled product lines, providing a mix of classroom and hands on instruction. This will provide value for both new and seasoned technicians. On the 16th, enjoy a dinner out on us!


As always, Service School is available at no cost, you just pay for airfare and stay.

Email [email protected] to register!

We anticipate that as vaccination rates increase that restrictions will be loosened going forward. Appropriate masking and distancing protocols will be in place at the time of the class.  

See you soon!


Pricing a Part Just Got Easier!

We know we already made a post about this, but this is such a great feature, we wanted to talk about it again!

Log In

It is easy for our dealers and service centers to look up part prices and see if we have them in inventory. Simply log into your account and select the icon for part stock and price check.

As you can see, the plug is $33.60 MSRP and we have 2 in stock at the moment I am writing this. Some of our parts will show lead times, a great feature if the part is out of stock or inventory is low!

FUN FACT! Brush part numbers from the 1960’s still work today!

If you don’t have a log in for our portal yet, check out this blog for more information.

There are such great tools on our website, we hope you have been able to take advantage of them!

See you soon!