A Manual Transfer Switch for GFCI and Bonded Neutral Generators

WINCO portable generators are designed with a bonded neutral, the neutral and ground tied together inside the panel. This allows the generator to be safely used in portable configurations.

Whenever you connect a portable generator to a building’s electrical system the NEC code requires you to brake the neutral to ground bond on the generator. This creates a new risk if the portable generator is used as both a home back-up and mobile power source since changing the neutral to ground bond should be left to an experienced electrician.

To solve this problem Winco only offers manual transfer switches for our portable generators that are compatible with bonded neutral generators. An additional benefit of these switches is that they also work with our models that provide full panel GFCI protections.

WINCO offers the Reliance XR series manual transfer switches.

The Reliance XR series are three pole manual transfer switches. By switching the neutral these manual transfer switches meet the NEC code allowing direct connection of bonded neutral generators and are compatible with GFCI protected switches.

Circuit Breaker SlotsSingle: 10
Tandem: 18
Single: 10
Tandem: 18

Check out our help topic on which type of transfer switch is right for you.

You can find all of the manual transfer switches we offer here.

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WL22000VE Circuit Breaker Upgrade

Sometimes, a vender discontinues an item, which happed to us with an 80 amp shunt breaker. This breaker disconnects the power of the Anderson connector when the cover is opened when a plug is not in place on our WL22000VE-03/B model.

We transitioned from the 80 amp to a 100 amp, 80% rated breaker. This change had us increase the wire size to match the new breaker maximum rating.

Let’s compare the WL22000VE-03/B with the new version, the WL22000VE-03/C.

EngineB&S Vangurd 993CCB&S Vangurd 993CC
Running Watts19,000
Running Amps @24079.2 79.2
Main Line Circuit Breaker80 Amps100 Amps
Est. Run Time4.5 Hours4.5 Hours
Motor Starting6 HP6 HP
Receptacles(2) NEMA 5-20 20A 120V
(1) CS6365 50A 120/240V
(1) NEMA L14-30 30A 120/240V
Anderson Connector 120A 120/240V
(2) NEMA 5-20 20A 120V
(1) CS6365 50A 120/240V
(1) NEMA L14-30 30A 120/240V
Anderson Connector 120A 120/240V

The costs will remain the same going forward. We still offer the WL22000VE-03/A with the GFCI protected panel with split distribution for customers that do not need all of their output from one receptacle. This product remains unaffected.  

Please evaluate your installation practices for compatibility with this change.  

Have questions on circuit breakers? Check out our circuit breaker help topic here.


WINCO – Bringing More Power

Introducing the expanded DR line!

With improvements to our facility’s capabilities, we have expanded our diesel line by offering new Volvo powered models. This provides more power without the need of paralleling two units. The four new models provide 450kW, 500kW, 550kW, and 600kW.

The Engine


16L, Tier II

When designing these units, we needed a strong, dependable engine brand that could carry the load demand. Volvo has 100 years of industrial engine experience. These engines are built with prime power durability, even though the EPA doesn’t allow them for prime applications.


Optional Housing
Our housing has a 77 Dba rating, the best you will find with standard housing.

LED Lighting
Standard on all housed units, automatic LED lighting makes servicing easier.

Heavy Duty Stamford PMG
The PMG allows power to the AVR to be kept near constant. This allows the AVR to quickly recover the voltage of the generator back to its nominal preset value. 

Paralleling Options

These units come with paralleling options. Paralleling allows you to quote large projects while being cost effective. The DSE8610 MKII controller represents the latest in complex load sharing & synchronizing control technology. The module has been designed to allow the operator to start, stop and synchronize the generator. If required, transfer the load to the generator either manually or automatically.

Find the right 450kW – 600kW diesel standby for your project here. You will also find spec sheets, engine information and more by going to their product pages.

As I always say “Unleash the Power”!


WINCO Has Struck Oil!

We have partnered with a nationally recognized oil company (we can’t say who because it normally costs more) to give you a high quality, WINCO branded, full synthetic oil. This is the same oil we put in each engine at the factory allowing you to continue using the oil we trust to keep everything running smoothly.


Part number: 300515-31
MSRP: $12.00/quart


Part number: 300515-425
MSRP: $71.00/2.5 gallons

When you add on a maintenance kit to your generator purchase, don’t forget the oil!


The New DR90

When looking through our products, you may have noticed the DR90 looks a little bit different. Well, it is. Our ongoing journey of updating and improving has brought the DR90 to a new design.


What you probably notice first is the new color. We believe the gunmetal gray looks tough and will look great next to any building. Let’s just say this Big Dog is glad we didn’t go with tan – don’t tell anyone I said that! An industrial unit should look tough.

Beyond changing the color, we narrowed the door swing and added lift out panels. This means you can plan installation closer to walls while maintaining full access for service. Speaking of the foot print, we extended the base allowing for more fuel in the tank before it has to stick out past the base. If your application will have the generator installed inside a building, you can get a DR90 in an open skid design.


Even though this is a redesign, don’t be worried that we cut back on any key components. WINCO’s generators are known for their longevity and dependability. That is because we have cultivated strong partnerships with top manufactures like FPT and Stamford. The DR90 is engineered with an FPT 4.5L, Tier III engine and an industrial Stamford generator end. Add to the mix the DSE7310 digital controller and Square D circuit breakers, you have there a fine piece of machinery. Long story short, you are getting all prime components, but the EPA only lets us sell it for standby applications.


The DR45 and DR65 are coming up next in the redesign world. These two units will share the same tanks and footprint as the DR90. How easy is that?!

Take a look here to quote and learn more about the DR90.