The RP50 is Back!

The RP50 is back and re-engineered with a Tier IV final engine and more features than before!

The RP50 is designed not only to look tough, it is built tough. The oil field skid is ready for you to put it to work, no matter what your application is.

FPT F5 series engine

WINCO and FPT have a strong partnership bringing superior service and support. You will love this 3.4L turbo charged engine. It has 74 HP with DOC only -no DPF, no SCR.

We have competitively priced the RP50 to work with your budget without compromising on quality or limiting features.

Switchable voltage takes this generator to the next level. The 3-position switch allows one generator to the work of many. We upgraded the AVR to a DSE109, providing more features than in a regular AVR. When you switch the voltage via the switch, the AVR will automatically sets it to nominal voltage. You can trim the voltage on the panel and it will remember it until the voltage is switched again using CAN communication between the DSE7310 and AVR.

For more information and product downloads, click here to get to the RP50 product page.


Prime Diesel – DR12


A prime power generator needs to be reliable, especially in critical applications.

We did just that, engineered our DR12 to be a reliable power source, specifically for smaller applications. Other manufacturers focus more on the larger units, which when used for smaller capacities can really affect the performance of the generator or cause damage.

Isuzu CE1

Tier IV Final

Mechanical engine

No after treatment required!

What is the benefit of a properly sized generator?

For one, It prevents wet stacking. We all know that wet stacking can create many problems and potentially cause costly damage to the engine.

And then there is the operating cost savings. By using a smaller generator, you will be saving in fuel costs. Plus, the DR12 is priced as a standby generator, meaning you get all of the industrial features and components as a prime powered generator at a lower cost.

Optional Trailer
Get power to where you need it most.

Optional Housing
Save cost by having an open skid design.

The DR12 continues with the same quality and industrial strength you have known and trusted from WINCO Generators.

For more information and product downloads, click here to get to the DR12 product page.


Maintenance Kits & Service Parts

Maintenance Kits

Proper maintenance will help ensure you get a long and useful life from your generator.

The right parts all come in one box you
can take right to the generator. It is easy to
source, track and price.

Quality Parts
We only put the good stuff in our maintenance kits.
The filters will protect your equipment while we use
premium fully synthetic lubricants designed
specifically to give your engine the maximum
temperature range with a special focus on improved
cold starting.

Not only are the kits full of good stuff we offer it at a
fair price. You will save time and money not having to
order and source each part individually.

Service Parts

At WINCO, we work hard to support you with the parts you need long term. We have the ability to provide
you with the parts and technical backing to support the broad range of engines and generators we use in
our products. We are ready to help with the following items.

  • Engine parts
  • Generator parts
  • Lubricants – premium fully synthetic products
  • Maintenance Kits

Engine partners:

  • FPT
  • Volvo
  • Honda
  • Briggs & Stratton
  • Isuzu
  • Ford

Generator partners:

  • Stamford
  • Mecc Alte


ASCO Manual Transfer Switches


The National Electric Code 70: 700.3(f) requires the ability to hook up back up power during maintenance/repairs of the primary back up generator. WINCO is now offering ASCO manual transfer switches with our without integrated camlocks and quick connect panels.

Markets for these backups include healthcare, telecom, or municipalities. A manual transfer switch provides cost-efficient back up power switching solutions.

ASCO 300 Series Manual Transfer Switches


  • Listed to UL1008 standard
  • Available from 150 to 3000 amps
  • 3 position switch with center off position
    • Pad-lockable in any position
  • Enclosures:
    • Nema 1
    • Nema 3R
    • Nema3RX
    • Nema 4
    • Nema 4X
  • Service Entrance available
  • Available with integrated quick connects

You an find all of our available ASCO manual transfer switches here.

ASCO 300 Quick Connect Panels


  • Input Panels listed to UL1008 standard
  • Output Panels listed to UL891 for switchboards
  • Available from 400 to 4000 amps
  • Lockable doors
  • Enclosures:
    • Nema 3R
    • Nema3RX

You can find all of our available ASCO quick connect panels here.

How Are They Used?

The manual transfer switch connects between the automatic transfer switch and the generators. When the main or permanent generator is taken out of service, you will flip the 3 position switch of the manual transfer switch to your back up generator. In the event there is a utility power failure, your facility will then get its power from your temporary generator.


CSA Approval

Did you notice that our portable generators are being updated with CSA (Canadian Standard Association) approval? We are very excited to add this safety certification so our friendly neighbors to the north can have dependable power for all of their needs.

What is the purpose of CSA?


CSA is a similar body as UL (Underwriter’s Laboratories) is in the US.

CSA standards regulate safety of applicable electrical products. In all ten provinces and two territories of Canada, laws require that electrical machinery and appliances connected to power sources conform to CSA safety standards regardless of type or quantity. In this respect, meeting CSA standards is mandatory for applicable electrical products.



  • Honda GX340 engine
  • 5,500 continuous watts
  • 7 gallon steel fuel tank
  • 8.1 hour run time on full load
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation
  • 3 year commercial warranty


  • Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engine
  • 9,600 continuous watts
  • 7 gallon steel fuel tank
  • 4.3 hour run time on full load
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation
  • 3 year commercial warranty

WL12000HE-03/A & WL12000HE/B

  • Honda GX630 engine
  • 10,800 continuous watts
  • 15 gallon steel fuel tank
  • 9.4 hour run time on full load
  • 3 year commercial warranty


  • Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engine
  • 15,000 continuous watts
  • 15 gallon steel fuel tank
  • 7 hour run time on full load
  • 3 year commercial warranty



  • Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engine
  • 8,000 continuous watts
  • Tri-Fuel: LP/NG/Gasoline
  • 7 gallon steel fuel tank
  • 9.1 hour run time on full load (gasoline)
  • 2 Year residential warranty


  • Honda GX630 engine
  • 10,800 continuous watts
  • Tri-Fuel: NG/LP/Gasoline
  • 15 gallon steel fuel tank
  • 9 hour run time on full load (gasoline)
  • 3 year residential warranty

We are continuously updating our product line. Keep an eye out for more CSA approved models to arrive soon!