Improvements of a Growing Business

A few years ago, we implemented a system that assist us to organize and clean up work areas. By integrating these standards, we have sped up production, minimized mistakes, and are creating an organized area.

Currently, we have been focusing on our receiving area. With the issues with getting certain materials from suppliers, we have been ordering other components well in advanced. That ensures that once backordered supplies arrive at our facility, we are ready to build. As you can imagine, having more materials in the facility has given us a space issue.

We have increased our raw materials over 70%. This increase lets us provide better delivery dates and reduce gaps in production time.

Our receiving department also houses our picked parts. We have been organizing spaces to accommodate new materials, and also going through our stock. Any items that are not picked on a regular basis will be put in a designated inventory area. This opens up space to ensure regularly required parts are accessible. While all of this organizing is happening, it gives us the ability to do a more in depth inventory count.

An area that was once our winding department now houses engines and gen ends.

We are adding more sort bins to utilize shelf space and ease of access.

As WINCO continues to grow, our need for space will be an ongoing, but welcomed challenge. Stay tuned to find out more about how our facility prepares for the future!

-Big Dog

Get to Know WINCO – Trina & Dareld

WINCO is a family-owned business with almost 80 employees. We thought it would be great to meet them!

Another WINCO love story.

Name: Trina Ingles
Department: Sub-Assembly
Hobbies: Gardening, bonfires, fishing

Name: Dareld Benz
Department: Final Assembly
Hobbies: Golf, camping, bowling, frisbee golf, fishing

Q: How long have you worked at WINCO?
A: Trina – 8 years in September
Dareld – 9 years in September

Q: Did you meet at WINCO?
A: Trina – Yes, we started dating 5 months after I started working here.

Q: I heard you are engaged! Do you have a date set for the wedding?
A: We are planning on August next year, the Covid pandemic has pushed our plans out a couple of times. We want to be able to have everyone attend.

Q: Tell me about your families.
A: Trina – I have two daughters
Dareld – I have three boys, one girl, and 2 grandchildren, a boy and a girl.
Trina – We also have two dogs, Dareld is their favorite.

Q: Have you been enjoying the summer?
A: Yes, we recently went on a camping trip to Diamond Lake. We rented a cabin and enjoyed fishing for sunnies, sight seeing, and relaxing. We also just bought a boat and are looking forward to getting out on the lakes.

Q: Any more plans for the rest of the year?
A: We are planning on one more vacation, but we aren’t sure on what to do
. We are looking forward to going to the county fairs this summer.

Q: Trina, what do you like to garden?
A: Vegetables like tomatoes and cucumbers. I also like flowers and taking care of the landscaping.

Q: Dareld, I hear you being a Minnesota Wild fan is a bit of an understatement.
A: I am a hockey fan. I was a North Stars fan and now I follow the Wild. I am hoping we can go see a live game. Our game room in our basement is my Wild showroom.

Thank you Dareld and Trina for taking time to talk with me! I hope you are inviting this Big Dog to the wedding!

If you are able to come to visit, make sure to say ‘Hi’ to Trina and Dareld!

Stay tuned, next month we will meet up with another great employee!

See you soon!

– Big Dog

The Return of the PSS40

We are closing up the gap in our liquid-cooled, gaseous generators; by adding the PSS40 and PSS45.

Meet The New PSS Units

As WINCO continues to grow, we are dedicated to provide a bigger offering of power nodes. We saw an opportunity to not only bring back the PSS40, but also offer a PSS45.


Standard auxiliary winding
Standby only


Available in standby
and prime power

  • Window to view the DSE 7310 digital controller
  • Galvanealled steel housing
  • Durable powder coat paint
  • Standard battery charger
  • Cummins industrial generator ends
  • Origin 4.3L engine
  • Conform to UL2200 and CSA standards.

Meet The Origin Engine

We are excited to introduce a new engine partner, Origin Engines. Origin has more than 30 years in the engine industry plus the years of the founder’s early interests in high-performance engines.

We are using a prime rated, Origin 4.3L engine on the PSS40 and PSS45. This engine is based on the GM 4.3L that we are all used to. Another familiar design feature is the ECU and connections. The ECU is built by E Controls.

Origin Engines are built from the block, up. Their engines are built for the industrial market. Which provides engines that won’t change unless the power generation industry needs it to, not the car industry.


Just like the rest of our liquid-cooled standby units, the Origin engine is EPA Certified.


The Origin 4.3L is a prime rated engine. Simply add a catalyst to bring the generator set to a prime source of power.

Are you ready to check out the new units? Click here to see specs on the PSS40 or click here for the PSS45.

We are continually updating and creating new generators. Stay tuned!

– Big Dog

WINCO Summer Fun

Spending what seemed to be an eternity of social distancing at our facility, we thought this summer would be a great time to spend an afternoon filled with great food and fun activities.

The Food

Keeping with our Speak & Eat traditions, some of the guys in charge serve up the food. This quarter we enjoyed pulled pork and beef tacos were catered by N8’s Pl8s.

After we enjoy our delicious food, Dan Call, owner and CEO of WINCO, introduces our new employees and keeps us up to date on current WINCO news.

Fun Fact: As an award for sitting through Dan’s speech, we have a drawing for awesome prizes!

Bean Bag Tournament

A bracketed style tournament brought together teams with one goal: crush the opponents.

Congrats to Noah and Jake for being the bean bag champions!

WINCO Survivor

The Ropes

All 3 team members had to get through the ropes before going onto the next challenge.

Chicken Wire Challenge

The goal was for two teammates to get two golf balls up the chicken wire.

Plank Walk

It isn’t as easy as it looks!

Sling Shot

Hit the target to move onto the puzzle.

We decided Brandyn would be the target from then on!

Puzzle Challenge

The Big Dog Puzzle was a bit of a challenge! Especially getting the teeth in the right spot!

Congratulations to the fastest team through the obstacle course: Caz, Arturo, and Josie!

As you can see, it was a great time and definitely one for the books! Shout out to all of our employees, we appreciate everyone for their hard work and dedication to making WINCO a great company.

– Big Dog

Service School Recap

June 16th was the first Service School we were able to host since 2019. We were excited to open our doors up and welcome our partners to our factory.

This Service School focused on the basics of air-cooled units. Using surveys from past schools, we scheduled much more hands on training.

The 3D’s of our Service Department, Dan, Dwight, and Dale, did a great job preparing and teaching the classes. Courses were about engines, generator ends, engine controls, and power distribution. Our President, Dan, also brought his knowledge of transfer switches and sizing in his own classes.


We learned the proper servicing of the Honda, Vanguard, and Kohler engines. In the engineering lab, we were able to practice setting the governor speed.


There are different types of gen ends. In this class we learned the workings of the rotating fields, stators, capacitors, and AVRs. We are able to train on how to find faults in capacitors.


Our standby units have had a couple of different controls in them, 2-wire, 4-wire, and currently we use the DSE3110 controller. Hands on training included using the DSE software to change alarms.


This class touched base on load balancing, GFCI and the WINCO YourGen Meter.


We had WINCO and ASCO 165 and 185 series switches set up for hands on training. This class took us into troubleshooting and the inner workings of a switch.


Sizing a generator can sometimes be tricky, but it is very important to make sure you properly size your generator for the load. This class taught proper sizing for motor starting.

A big thank you to everyone who were able to make the trip to Minnesota!

We enjoy being able to help our dealers and service centers get to know our generators. Stay tuned, we are scheduling our next Service School soon!