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Find the Right Generator for You

As electricity demands grow, we are experiencing more power outages. Having a generator can keep you going.

As with anything, there are a few factors to take into consideration when deciding on the right generator for your needs:

What is your application?

Job site

Do you know your power needs?

Having the correct size generator for your application is crucial. You want to eliminate any opportunities to overload the generator. The best way to find out how much amperage you use is to contact an electrician.

Here is a simple explanation on the behavior of electricity.

Electricity Infographic

What fuel source will you be using?

Gasoline, propane, natural gas, diesel, or power take-off from a tractor


Gaseous StandbyDiesel StandbyPrime PowerPortablePTO
8kW – 150kW12kW – 600kW12kW – 400kW3kW – 22kW10kW – 165kW
NG or LPDieselNG, LP or DieselGasoline or DieselTractor Driven

Gaseous Standby


Standby generators are usually permanently installed with a transfer switch to automatically switch power from utility to the generator very quickly. This limits the amount of time you are without power. These are becoming more favorable for residential applications and popular for off-grid living.

Diesel Standby


Diesel standby generators are similar to the gaseous standby generators. They are usually permanently installed with a transfer switch to automatically switch power from utility to the generator very quickly. This limits the amount of time you are without power. Diesel standbys are offered in larger power nodes, available up to 600kW!

Prime Power

Mobile Prime

Prime power generators are used as the sole source of electrical power. Mainly seen as mobile or trailer-installed units. These types of generators allow the user to confidently power a days worth of work. Don’t let a power outage ruin your day or bottom line.



A portable generator is primarily used as prime power on job sites or shops. They can also be a backup power source for your home or business in the event of an emergency, paired with a manual transfer switch.


30 pto generator

PTO generators are driven by a shaft attached to a tractor’s PTO. These generators serve as back up or prime power, depending on the need. Every 2 HP you get 1 Kw. There can be cost savings. You might already have a tractor, plus there are low servicing maintenances. WINCO has been building number 1, world-wide, generators since the 1950s. We also have propriety gearcases, which we mill in-house.

Why Winco?

In-house engineers
In-house parts, warranty, tech support
A knowledgeable sales staff
Hands on factory, we each have a hand in it
Every unit is tested before it leaves our factory
Family and Veteran-owned company

Still have questions on what is the right generator for you? You can find a dealer near you with our Dealer Locator or contact us at 507-357-6821.


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  1. This breakdown of generator types is very helpful for understanding what options are available. Considering your power needs and fuel sources are important factors for choosing the right solution.

  2. Thank you for sharing such valuable insights into diesel generator troubleshooting and maintenance! As someone passionate about ensuring reliable power solutions, I found your article both informative and practical. The tips you’ve provided will undoubtedly help many individuals and businesses alike in maintaining their diesel generators efficiently. I particularly appreciated your emphasis on proactive maintenance strategies, which can significantly prolong the lifespan of these crucial assets. Your dedication to empowering your readers with knowledge is truly commendable. I’ve shared this article with my network and look forward to incorporating your tips into our maintenance routines. Keep up the excellent work!

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