2023 Events

This year has already been busy!



We traveled to Florida to attend the Spray Foam Convention & Expo and Spray Foam World Wide (SFWW). Both events were in Daytona Beach and we enjoyed the warm weather.

SFWW gave away a spray foam rig equipped with our DE30!

Congrats to the rig winner, Gino!

A week later, we stayed in Florida and attended PowerGen. While our co-workers were experiencing a Minnesota blizzard, we stayed warm and showed of our RP units, RP15, RP130 and our largest available, RP400.

PowerGen Booth


WINCO at ConExpo

We attended ConExpo in Las Vegas where we showed off our RP units and portable generators that are built for the industrial industry.

ConExpo Booth


St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick's Day

We started our parade appearance at the Le Center’s 41st Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade. We handed out can coolers and a lot of candy! The Big Dog was happy to get outside and see everyone! It wouldn’t be fun without snow!

Future Parades:

We have a few more this year!

June 17thCherry Creek Days – Cleveland, MN
September 16thDozinky Days – New Prague, MN
November 30thTorchlight Parade – Montgomery, MN

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See you soon!


Paving the Way – Phase 2

Phase 1 brought us new sidewalks, phase 2 brings us a new parking lot!

A new parking lot is just one of the great improvements we have been making to help our employees, customers, and vendors. It was entertaining to watch the machines every step to make our parking lot go from a hot mess to a smooth and organized space.

Step 1: The soil stabilizer

This heavy piece of machinery ground up the existing parking lot, mixed in a binding agent, and created a better base for vehicle traffic.

Step 2: Base Layer

This is a critical step to ensure the foundation for the parking lot is compacted correctly and has proper pitch for drainage.

Step 3: Asphalt

It was a pretty warm day, but these guys did a great job to ensure the paving machine created an even pour. We had two layers installed. After each layer, they used heavy rollers to compact the surface.

Step 4: Marking

If you have visited us before, you may have noticed that we aren’t the best at parking in a straight line. This not only looks great, it also added designated accessible spaces. No promises that the stripes will be helpful in the winter!

Stay tuned to see what other improvements we are doing!


Paving the Way – Phase 1

As we continue to create generators that make your life easier, we also invest in our company to make it easier for our employees. We have started working on our parking lot. If you’ve visited us before, you probably thought, “They really need parking stripes!” You see, the parking lot has become half gravel and half pavement. It is very uncomfortable on my paws when I have to walk across it to get to the grass.

Phase 1: Sidewalks

We added sidewalks and an outdoor break area around the building.

Stay tuned for Phase 2!


We Have Added Dealer Information

We have added a new dealer information on our website for our dealers to download forms and find our basic policies. This is a great place to go if you have any questions after our business hours.

Dealer Information

When on our website, locate the Service and Support tab and find Dealer Information.

Dealer Information

Service Center Opportunities

High Wire

We want your business to be a success!

Including “Service Center” to your credentials can help open up more business opportunities. We depend on our service teams to deliver great customer service, provide confident technical skills, and be our eyes and ears in the field to communicate if we need to address anything in our designs. It is great people like you that get us to where we are and where we are going.

We offer Service School sessions throughout the year – be sure to keep an eye out for the announcements!

Download and fill out the Service Center applications to start the process!

Warranty Information

Start-Up Form

WINCO works hard to provide the best generators available on the market. Sometimes, sometimes, a part just doesn’t want to work as it is supposed to. We want our customers to know that we back up our products. Every generator has a great warranty. Our standby and prime generators are shipped with Start-Up Sheets. These forms are necessary to start the factory warranty. We know that things happen and paperwork gets lost, we’ve made it easy to find a new one. If you are looking for a warranty procedures or a claim form, you will find these here too.

If you have warranty questions, please call us at 507-357-6831 and select to for our Warranty Department.

Return Policy

We understand that returning a product may be necessary. For a smooth transaction, be sure to check out our return policies. If you have any questions, your account manager will be happy to assist you.

We hope you find this helpful!


Expos – Spring 2022

Our Sales team traveled down to San Antonio to attend Spray Foam World Wide, the Spray Foam Expo, and the EGSA Spring Conference. This was a great opportunity to showcase our generators, as well as have communication on how WINCO can improve and create generators dedicated to the spray foam industry.

Spray Foam World Wide

WINCO teamed up with Spray Foam World Wide (SFWW) this year and donated a DE30. SFWW gave away a fully equipped spray foam rig, powered by a WINCO DE30. Our DE30 has a new design with a standard rocker manual panel along with the trusted FPT 3.4L engine, coupled to an industrial Cummins gen end.

We had our own give away drawing for a DE50.

Congratulations to Mid Michigan Spray Foam for winning the DE50!


The SprayFoam Expo had a record turn-out this year!

Our team was was busy showing off our new gasoline unit and the new DE designs. It was a great opportunity to meet our dealers and end users. This gave us a chance to hear what types of options the industry is looking for.


We sent Shane and Tyler to Las Vegas to participate in the EGSA Spring Conference. The two-day conference included classes and training on strategies and applications with special keynote speaker, Terry Bradshaw. They were able to meet up with a few of our dealers as well as go golfing with the group. Shane and Tyler were partnered up with Jim and Will from FM generators.


The re-scheduled PowerGen will be May 23-25, 2022.

We are excited to show off at our largest booth yet!

Meet our newly design RP units and some of our favorite

portables, standbys and PTO!!

See you soon!

– Big Dog