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Paving the Way – Phase 2

Phase 1 brought us new sidewalks, phase 2 brings us a new parking lot!

A new parking lot is just one of the great improvements we have been making to help our employees, customers, and vendors. It was entertaining to watch the machines every step to make our parking lot go from a hot mess to a smooth and organized space.

Step 1: The soil stabilizer

This heavy piece of machinery ground up the existing parking lot, mixed in a binding agent, and created a better base for vehicle traffic.

Step 2: Base Layer

This is a critical step to ensure the foundation for the parking lot is compacted correctly and has proper pitch for drainage.

Step 3: Asphalt

It was a pretty warm day, but these guys did a great job to ensure the paving machine created an even pour. We had two layers installed. After each layer, they used heavy rollers to compact the surface.

Step 4: Marking

If you have visited us before, you may have noticed that we aren’t the best at parking in a straight line. This not only looks great, it also added designated accessible spaces. No promises that the stripes will be helpful in the winter!

Stay tuned to see what other improvements we are doing!


1 thought on “Paving the Way – Phase 2

  1. When I first started researching paving, I had no idea that there were so many phases to it. I quickly learned that there’s more to it than just laying down the pavement. It involves a complex process that includes excavation, grading, drainage, sub-base, base course, asphalt paving, striping and more. Each phase has its own unique challenges that need to be met in order for the pavement to be successful.

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