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Service School 2022

June Service School

Our next Service School will be June 1st – 2nd, 2022
We promise the weather will be warmer than it was during our January Service School!

Our Service experts have been working hard to create the best techniques to keep you current on how to service our generators.
• More hands-on training
• We focus on current and past models
• Take a tour and meet our staff
• Air-Cooled models

To register for June Service School, email [email protected]

January Service School Recap

We had a great turn out for our January Service School. Thank you to all that were able to attend!


Our service team and engineers discuss the ins and outs of engines, generator ends, engine controls, and transfer switches.

We were grateful that legend-that-is JR, was able to share his wisdom. We tapped into his many years of experience to bring knowledge of the older models. Since we still have older models working hard, it is important to train how to keep them at top notch for use for many years.


Transfer Switches

Product Review

Hands-On Training

We added in more time for hands-on experiences. Troubleshooting generator ends, in-depth power distribution, and engine labs.

Power Distribution

Generator Ends


Factory Tour

We love showing off our factory! New machines, new spaces, and meet our amazing employees!


Paint Department

Liquid-Cooled Test Bay

Stay tuned for our liquid-cooled service school announcement!

See you soon!

– Big Dog
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