New Dealer Portal Features

We have added more information tools on the portal!

The newest features include Sales Orders, AR Aging Report, and Service Part Stock

Sales Orders

There are different ways to look up a sales order. On the upper left hand side, you can search by your purchase order number, part number, Winco sales order number, or invoice number if you have any of that information. On the right hand side, you can choose a range of dates to search for orders. When you first open the window, it will default to list your open orders or you can change the status to closed or all.

When you find the order you want to look at, you can click on the order number or click on the PDF icon and a PDF of the sales order will automatically download.

If you click on the order number, this will give you a nice breakdown of the order. The order shipment and bill to information will appear with three drop downs to choose from:


A list of all items ordered


A linking tracking number takes you directly to the carrier’s website so you can easily track your order. This will also list what was shipped and the quantity.


The invoicing features can be made available to individuals by contacting Aaron in accounts receivable to get access. Click on the Invoice number and a PDF will automatically download.

AR Aging Report

The AR Aging report will show you your credit limit, balance and past due amounts. You can download a PDF by clicking on the invoice number.

Service Part Stock Check

If you know the part number of the item you are looking for, enter the part number an select the Look Up Part button. The item will appear below with pricing and inventory status.

As always, we continue to improve and add features to our website. Stay tuned!



We are excited to introduce a Dealer Account Portal on our website! Here are the great features you will get to utilize. Contact your sales representative to get your credentials.


Effective May 1, 2020, our inventory will be only accessible when you log into your account. Inventory is automatically updated every hour, giving you access to the latest stock information, even after business hours.

In Inventory, you will see:
» Current part numbers
» Stock levels
» Next build dates
» Next build quantities
» MSRP pricing


Detailed training on using the Dealer Portal is available. Your Sales Account Manager will go through the training with you, once you have an account.

We are dedicated to make more training documents and videos. As soon as more become available, we will send you a notification. If there is any product you would like to see in our training publications, please let us know!


Once logged in you will have access to the last two years of quote history with Winco!

In Quote History, you will be able to:
» Download a PDF of quote
» Preview a quote
» Change the status of the quote
» Close quotes


You probably have already noticed the pricing drop downs on product pages. When not logged in, you can select your specifications and accessories to get MSRP pricing. Once you have your login credentials you can create your own configured quotes as needed! You will get your current pricing.

The quote tool can also quote complex products like the liquid cooled models. The tool helps to enforce configuration rules so that you can quickly quote the right combinations of features.

When logged into your account, an Add to Quote button will appear and you will be able to save your quotes.

You can add more units to your quote or finalize them, or remove items from the quote. Once you have completed your quote, you will be able to save it and add notes and a project name. You will also be able to close your quotes.

Remember to contact your account manager so that you can get started with this useful online resource!

See you soon!



The Winco team is excited to announce the remaining 2020 Service School schedule. These training classes help both new and seasoned techs with access to the Winco sales, engineering, service and production personnel. We also have classroom and hands on exercises to get familiar with Winco products and what you can expect to see in the field. Each training class is free of charge and includes a nice dinner.

Air-Cooled Sales and Service Training

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we regrettably have cancelled this training class. Please contact your WINCO sales account manager with any questions.

Date: May 12-13

Location: Le Center, Minnesota

The air-cooled service school is split into two days; day 1 focusing on sales topics, with day two focusing on service. You can sign up for sales only, service only or both.

Liquid-Cooled Service Training

Date: August 11-12

Location: Le Center, Minnesota

This course focuses on Deep Sea Controllers, Asco transfer switches, paralleling and our new mobile diesel product line. There will be a combination of hands on classes with some classroom instruction.

Air-Cooled Sales and Service Training

Date: October 6-7

Location: Le Center, Minnesota

The air-cooled service school is split into two days; day 1 focusing on sales topics, with day two focusing on service. You can sign up for sales only, service only or both.

Click here to read what we focused on during our January Service School.

If you would like more information or to sign up for any of these classes, email [email protected]

See you soon!


Liquid-Cooled Submittals

We believe you should have all of the information you need when choosing a generator. Sometimes, you need more information beyond what is available on a spec sheet. That is why we provide spec sheets on the components that go into our generators.

When you go to one of the liquid-cooled product pages, all of the product downloads can be found in the downloads tab. In the table, the Additional Information section is where you can find component spec sheets.

We hope you find this information helpful, if you are looking for anything you can’t find here, please contact us!

See you soon!


January Service School

January 21-22nd we hosted the first Service School of the year. We had dealers from neighboring states as well as some from warmer states getting to enjoy our great winter season.

The topic of this course was focused on our Liquid-Cooled units.

  • Dwight and Dale from our Service Department started out with warranty procedures, installation and maintenance classes.
  • Josh from Deep Sea Electronics did a great in-depth training on the DSE7310 Controller.
  • Hands-on training in the factory with multiple stations set up for paralleling, testing, and changing voltages.
  • Dan and Kelli from our Sales Department did a presentation.

We enjoy being able to have our dealers visit, to get to know us and learn more about our generators and do have more Service Schools being scheduled and we will keep you posted!

See you soon!