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Product Features

Starting at 10,000 standby watts, this 10PTO is single phase, 120/240V with a 515RPM gearcase.

Low Harmonic Distortion
     Provides clean power for both farm and home.
Compact Design
     Easily move and store your PTO generator.
Cast Iron Gearcase with Helical Gears
     A 515 RPM operating speed makes for effective operation.
     A large 3″ voltmeter ensures the proper output.
Premium Circuit Breakers
     Provides clear and instant identification of a tripped circuit.
Protective PTO Shield
     Safety is always a priority.
60 Amp NEMA 14-60 Full Power Plug Included
     You supply the #4/4 conductor cord, we provide the plug.
100% Load Tested
     We load test every generator before it leaves our facility.

Additional Information

Running Watts


Running Amps


Voltage Output

120/240 Volt Single Phase

Voltage Regulation


120V Receptacles

(1) NEMA 5-20 20A Duplex

120/240V Receptacles

(1) NEMA 14-60 60A

Required HP at Tractor PTO


PTO Input Speed



25.1" x 13.375" x 20.8"


156 lbs.

Unit Warranty

1 Year

Assembled In


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  1. One person found this helpful
    John Campbell

    WINCO 10 KW PTO driven generator

    John Campbell

    I bought this generator from AP Electric & Generators.
    WOW! Does it perform!
    I purchased the WINCO W10PTOS 10KW 1-PHASE 120/240V 515 RPM PTO GENERATOR for emergency power backup when the main power goes down. I live in California where we have to be concerned about wild fires and other events that can take down the main power supply from the electric company. Brown outs due to poor management by government, wild fires, the electric company shutting down areas due to potential wild fires, and the occasional drunk who sees a bullseye on every power pole along the side of the road. Hey, it happens.

    I hooked this generator up to my new John Deere 1023e tractor after building a platform for it to be carried on the three point hitch using a Carry All frame and some heavy duty lumber. It came out fine.

    Yesterday the local electrician installed a new receptacle to be able to plug it into my home and we killed the Main then fired up the generator. WOW! Did it perform! Powered everything on my property from my well to the evaporative cooler, refrigerator/freezer, washing machine, gas dryer, lights, ceiling fans, computer, you name it, it powered it all and without even putting a load onto my tractor engine which with the John Deere 1023e subcompact is quite small. I brought it up to the proper output before engaging it and didn’t even have the various breakers shut off on the sub panel when I threw the switch. Everything came up as if the main power was on. Never had to adjust the tractor RPMs after throwing the breaker either. Even the tractor engine never had it’s temperature run warmer than a normal idle temp. Power to spare.

    I’ll post a picture or two so others can see the setup. The doghouse isn’t painted fully yet though the cover is, but the sides only have a coat of Linseed oil so far as I chose an oil based paint for longevity. After that’s dried I can put on a coat of paint.

    Yes, I’m impressed and very happy. Well done, WINCO!

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  2. Question

    Dennis Royal

    I keep reading about people having to adjust their tractor RPM. If the PTO shaft is running at 540 rpm what difference does the tractor engine speed make?

    I have a 71hp tractor (about 63hp at the PTO). I don’t need as big a generator as this tractor could power. Is there any problem using this generator with my tractor?

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    • One person found this helpful


      PTO speed and engine speed are mechnically linked – lowering the engine RPM lowers the PTO speed. Conversely, putting a large load on the PTO will drag the engine speed down.

      A large electrical load will create a large load on the PTO & engine and with small tractors near the minimum output required for the generator, it will drag the engine down a few hundred RPM. When this happens you typically want to increase the throttle a bit to bring the engine speed and thus the PTO speed back up to spec because the speed at which the generator is being spun effects the voltage and frequency, which you want to stay as close to 120/240v and 60Hz as possible. You wouldn’t just throttle up all the way, either, because that might put PTO speed at 580 with low load, which will create too high a voltage and too high a frequency and potentially damage electronic devices or cause odd humming noises.

      With your tractor having 63 PTO horsepower, there’s not much chance this 10kW generator would drag the PTO/engine speed down much at all, so someone like you probably wouldn’t have to worry about it.

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  3. Question

    Jerry Norman

    I am considering the W10PTO generator to couple with a Kubota BX2380 that puts out 17.5HP to the PTO. My goal is to selectively power various household needs during outages. Alternating btwn water well pump, kit appliances, lights fans and portable AC units. Will the 17.5 be enough to power the generator? Other Tractor choice can be the BX2680 that puts out 19.5HP to the PTO. Any input helpful – TU!

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