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Our Housing Process

At WINCO, we design, fabricate and assemble our own housing components.

Fun Fact: We have the ability to provide sheet metal housing for our generators that are decades old!


Each housing is constructed from galvanealed steel. A sheet of steel is loaded into our laser cutter. We generate nitrogen on-site that allows our laser to cut without impurities oxidizing on the edge.

After being cut, we form them using CNC brake presses. These machines are capable of repeatable ram movements of .0001 inches.


The most critical part of the paint process is the wash. We use phosphoric acid to clean and prepare the steel so the paint will properly adhere.

We have partnered with Axalta to provide all of our paints. These paints cure though a heating process. The finished product is a durable paint that will withstand time.


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Our foam cutter is programmed to make precise cuts to our exact specifications.

We use half inch high temp melamine and one inch polyurethane foam. The adhesive can uphold in -45 up to +170 degrees. The high temp melamine foam is used around all components that radiate heat. This maintains safety of the unit.

You can get more information on our housing here.

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