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What is Total Harmonic Distortion?

AC voltage follows a sine wave. A perfect sine wave is shown below on the left. The position of the winding groups and other factors in the generator end determines the generator’s output voltage sine wave. Since the generator end is not prefect there are variations in a mechanically produced since wave from “perfect.” This variation is called Total Harmonic Distortion or THD.

Perfect Sine Wave

Variant Sine Wave

The diagrams above show a perfect sine wave (left) without any THD, and a sine wave with variations (right). All of Winco’s current product offering has THD of less than 6%. This is suitable for most applications.

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2 thoughts on “What is Total Harmonic Distortion?

  1. Hello what generator can you recommend that has 18000 running watts with 5% or less total harmonic distortion

    1. Hello Dane, our WL22000VE produces 19,000 running watts. We offer two variations of this model:

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