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Get to Know the YourGen Meter

After watching our video on starting and loading your generator, you will want to know if your are properly balancing your 120V loads. We designed our YourGen advanced hour meter to monitor the power levels of each leg. It also shows voltage, frequency and run time. Watch our video to see how this great feature works.

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5 thoughts on “Get to Know the YourGen Meter

  1. Hello. I just purchased the WPS12000HE and was wondering if there was any way to install a YourGen meter to it. I heard that it may not be compatible with this generator. If it isn’t, if you could explain I would greatly appreciate it. With the price of the generator I would think it would be included. What would be some other options? Thank you.

    1. Hello Al, the YourGen meter is electronically compatible with the model you currently have. But, it would be very difficult to make it fit on the panel.

  2. The Yourgen meter on my DP5000 uses a button cell and it frequently wants me to replace it (at least yearly). Is this normal? Are these batteries effected by cold weather? Does running the generator deplete it?

    1. The life span of those batteries is 10 years. Please contact our troubleshooting department for assistance, 507-357-6831.

  3. Very interesting video and topic. I too have a HPS(9000) generator and would love a retro kit for the “Your Gen” meter. If not avail, do you suggest using some of the electrical panel based monitoring meters. I only use only the 240V connector connected to panel via interlock and use 120V devices in the home. This seems to mean I have to worry about overload and balancing. Thx

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