What does CSA approved mean?

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CSA stands for Canada Standards Association. They make safety standards that regulate products for use in Canada. CSA is similar to the US NFPA, NEC and UL regulations.

Can I install a non-CSA approved generator in Canada?

No. In order for you to install an electrical product in Canada, they must have the CSA mark. Winco identifies our products that are CSA certified on the specification sheet.

What if the Winco model I need isn’t CSA approved?

Winco builds all of our products using CSA and UL safety regulations. Most of our products that don’t carry a CSA certification are not listed because we have not paid tons of money to have them tested by an independent laboratory. There are numerous companies in the Canada that provide on site certification to products imported that don’t carry a CSA certification.

WINCO is expanding our CSA approved product line dramatically. For instance, our redesigned WL12000HE and WL18000VE now have been independently tested by TUV and ship from the factory CSA compliant!

For more information, check out the CSA Website.

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