Support for model: 25PTOC-3/J 1000RPM ONLY


Join thousands of tractor owners who have, throughout the years, relied on the 25PTOC-3 for reliable backup power.

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Product Features

Cast Iron Gearcase with Helical Gears
    A 1000 RPM operating speed makes for effective operation.
    A large 3″ voltmeter ensures the proper output.
Premium Square D Circuit Breakers
     Square D is the industry leader in circuit breaker protection.
Protective PTO Shield
    Safety is always a priority.
4-Wire Anderson Full Power Plug Included
    You supply the #4 THHN, we provide the plug.
Premium Circuit Breakers
     Providing clear and instant identification of a tripped circuit.
100% Load Tested
     You won’t find statistical sampling here. We load test every
     generator before it leaves our facility.

Additional Information

Running Watts


Running Amps


Voltage Regulation

Rectifier +/- 7%

120V Receptacles

(1) NEMA 5-20 20A Duplex

120/240V Recpetacles

175A Anderson

240V Receptacles

(1) 6-50 50A

Required HP at Tractor PTO


PTO Input Speed

1000 RPM


29" x 16" x 20"


320 lbs.

Unit Warranty

3 Years

Assembled In



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