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Transfer Switches

Most people who need a generator also need a transfer switch. There are thousands of choices. Here is some information to help you chose the right one.

Why do I need a transfer switch?

Whether you purchased a portable, permanently mounted, or power take-off (PTO) generator you will need to figure out how you...

Do I need a manual or automatic transfer switch?

Manual and automatic transfer switches are an important accessory when it comes to safely switching from utility power to backup...

Where should I install my transfer switch?

Where you install the transfer switch will depend on the type of switch and what type of generator you will...

What is a NEMA enclosure on a transfer switch?

A transfer switch can be damaged or create dangerous conditions if it is exposed to dirt or water. Therefore, it...

What is the difference between an ASCO secure and non-secure enclosure?

When you think of an item being “secure”, like us, you probably think that something is lockable. In most circumstances,...

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