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The 70’s Called, They Want Their Load Bank Back

The air-cooled test bay has been an important piece of equipment for many years. All of our portables and small air-cooled standby generators pass through for their 100% load tests. After many years and thousands of units, it was time to update.


The previous load banks have been with the company since the 70’s. They would tell us amperage, single phase readouts, and hertz.

As the Big-Dogs have gotten larger we needed more testing capacity and the load banks hung too low. This reduced efficiency since some units had to be tested in the liquid-cooled test bay.


We removed everything that was no longer needed, the load banks, the old venting, and sound-proofing.


During construction, we had to move testing to our old liquid-cooled test bay. Normally the units would be on the conveyor rollers and pushed through the test bay. We had sea of HPS units waiting for their turn to be tested.


The new load bank has a home outside. Don’t worry, it will get used to the Minnesota winters.

The new system allows us to test single and three phase units. We have also added a second station to accommodate our second air-cooled assembly line we will be adding later this year.

We have more exciting changes and updates happening! Stay tuned!!

– Big Dog

3 thoughts on “The 70’s Called, They Want Their Load Bank Back

  1. No snow hood on the load bank?

  2. I want all my PSS8B/2W and PSS12H/2W generators tested on propane and confirmation that the engine driven battery charging systems work as I have received one PSS8 and 2 PSS12 that didn’t work and you can’t find a Honda dealer in Maine that will go to the job site and make the needed repairs.

    1. Thank you for sharing this feedback! We test each and every generator set on both fuels to a 100% load and it has to pass before it can ship. We will discuss procedure for verifying the engine charging system with the testers in our factory and log your suggestion for that. If you have any issues with a newly received Winco generator, please be sure to call our Service Department at (507) 357-6831

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