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generators since 1950.

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"We have been working with WINCO for over 50 years, and in that time we have sold thousands of their generators. Through it all, we have found WINCO to be a reliable supplier with a broad line of generators. On top of that, they stand behind their products. We look forward to continuing to offer WINCO Generators to our customers"

Richard Coffman, Coffman Electrical Equipment Co., MI.


"WINCO consistently produces quality products, made in the great USA. Customer service is super responsive and great to work with. They are engaged and in touch with our needs."

Terry Peterson, Eggers Electric Motor, ND


"I am an insulation contractor. I rely on my equipment to make a living. There is no other generator company I would trust with my livelihood, or my family's safety when we lose power. From their customer service to their technical support, there is no company that has our back like WINCO. I am proud to be a WINCO customer."

Evan P.


"Our company's relationship with WINCO spans 5 decades. Their dedication to quality and customer satisfaction is exceptional, allowing us the opportunity to provide first class power solutions to our customers."

Steve Belcher, FM Generator, MA