Mobile EV Chargers

Powered by EPA Prime Power combustion engine or onboard BESS, we offer level 3 DC fast chargers from 30 to 240kw DC Output that be set stationary in a containerized high cube or in towable configuration. Choose from a large range of EVESCO or SINEXCEL intelligent chargers that can recharge an EV within minutes. Equipped with CCS1: 50-1000Vdc connectors and extra long power output cables, allow you to easy reach and charge multiple vehicles at the same time. Available with DOT Trailers

SBC Series

Rated Power (AC)42kW120kW300kW500kW
Rated Voltage277/480 3-PH277/480 3-PH277/480 3-PH277/480 3-PH
Energy Capacity (77F)N/A200.7kWh602kWh1003.5kWh
Pack Capacity (77F)N/A14.336kWh14.336kWh14.336kWh
Cycle Life @90% DODN/A6000 times 6000 times6000 times
Level 3 DC Charger(1) 60kW(2) 60kW(2) 60kW(4) 60kW
Charger Cooling SystemElectric FanHVACHVACHVAC
Aerosol Fire Fighting SystemNoIncludedIncludedIncluded
Power SourceDiesel Engine T4FOnboard BESSOnboard BESSOnboard BESS
Dimensions (l x w x h)177×77″x9.57″116”x88.6”x88.6”20HC20HC
Dry Weight5,515 lbs8,818 lbs17,636 lbs30,864 lbs