Energy Storage Solutions

ESS is a new range of secure integrated lithium-ion battery energy storage system. According to various power demands, WINCO battery energy storage system is more compact, efficient and flexible. The system capacity is 30 to 2000 kWh. We also design a specific silent canopy for the BESS with a capacity below 100kWh. It integrates up-market battery system, battery management system and operation monitor system in a small foot-print with excellent lithium-ion battery consistency, meeting the most demanding applications.

ESS Series

Rated Power (AC)30kW50kW100kW250kW500kW
Rated Voltage277/480 3-PH277/480 3-PH277/480 3-PH277/480 3-PH277/480 3-PH
Camlock ConnectionIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Energy Capacity (77F)61.4kWh100.3kWh200.7kWh401.4kWh1003.5kWh
Pack Capacity (77F)5.12kWh14.336kWh14.336kWh14.336kWh14.336kWh
Cycle Life @90% DOD4,000 times6,000 times6,000 times6,000 times6,000 times
Battery Voltage Range150-750VDC150-750VDC500-850VDC500-850VDC500-850VDC
Charger Cooling SystemElectric FanHVACHVACHVACHVAC
Aerosol Fire Fighting SystemIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Operating Temperature-4F to 122F-4F to 122F-4F to 122F-4F to 122F-4F to 122F
Dimensions (LxWxH)76.8″x44.48″x88.58″88.58″x44.48″x88.5″88.58″x88.5″x88.5″88.58″x88.5″x88.5″20HC
Dry Weight3,738 lbs4,630 lbs9,039 lbs14,992 lbs39,684 lbs

Vanguard Battery Packs

Designed, engineered and assembled in the USA, the Vanguard is the way to electrification. These commercial Lithium-Ion battery packs provide unmatched power, reduced maintenance and lower total cost of ownership. This unique offering allows our engineering team to innovate your next energy storage system application with a flexible single source integration of (Battery Pack + Battery Management System + Charger). The first completely serviceable battery in the industry allowing it to be repaired instead of replaced. Single CANbus J1939 communication protocol for expandable power needs.

IPX RatingIP44IP66IP66IP66IP66IP66
UL1642 ListedYesYesYesYesYesYes
Rated Voltage –
Nominal Voltage
48V – 51.4V48V – 51.4V48V – 51.6V48V – 51.6V48V – 51.6V48V – 51.6V
Discharge Cutoff Volatge35.0V35.0V35.0V35.0V35.0V35.0V
Pack Capacity per IEC 619601.5kWh1.5kWh3.5kWh5.1kWh7.0kWh7.0kWh
Cycle Life @80% DOD28.4Ah28.4Ah67.5Ah98.7Ah135.9Ah135.9Ah
Paralleling CapableYesYesYesYesYesYes
Discharge Temperature Range-4F to 140F-4F to 140F-4F to 140F-4F to 140F-4F to 140F-4F to 140F
Dimensions (LxWxH)10.2″x5
Dry Weight 26 lbs25.5 lbs58 lbs86 lbs102lbs105lbs