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WINCO is proud to introduce the DE4040 Generator/Air Compressor unit. This unit produces 40 KW and 40 CFM @ 120 PSI. It is engineered to serve trailer applications where both air and electricity are required. Exceptional components and intuitive design will have this unit continually providing for a solid day's work. 

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SKU: DE4040F
In 2012 WINCO created the WINPOWER ‘DE’ line of simplified diesel generator skids for industrial applications. We are excited to add a generator/compressor combo unit to our DE lineup. The DE4040 has output of 40kW with 40 CFM @ 120 psi. It is the only 40/40 generator/compressor unit specifically designed for trailer applications with a Cummins/Stamford generator end. This model features a rugged 10HP Rotorcomp rotary screw air compressor, Stamford generator, 54 gallon fuel tank, 2A battery charger, block heater, and a simplistic key start. This model is perfect for applications requiring an air compressor and a small footprint!
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