Dealer Portal Training


We are excited to introduce a Dealer Account Portal on our website! This convenient tool will allow our dealers the ability to see our inventory, look up training information, create a quote and download previous quotes. This work instruction is intended to provide information on how to successfully use the Dealer Account portal.




Go to On the Home page, go to the Account tab and select Account Login.

Or, If you clicked on Account, select the Partner Login icon.

If your WINCO Account Manager had given you log in credentials, enter the information and log in. You will be able to change your password later.


If you don’t already have credentials, you can select the Request Account button. Existing customers will be able to request a login.

Enter all of your information and select the Send Request button.

Your request will go to the website coordinator at WINCO. After your account is set, up, you will get an email confirmation.


Once you are logged in, you can go to Account Management to change your password, name, and/or phone number.

  1. To change the email, contact your WINCO Account Manager.
  2. Enter and confirm your new password, as well as set up a secret question and answer for account recovery.
  3. Once you have entered your information, select Update to finalize the changes.
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Our inventory will be only accessible when you log into your account. Inventory is updated every hour so you will have accurate information, even after business hours.

You are able to save inventory to an Excel format by clicking on ‘Save as EXCEL’, located on the left, under INVENTORY. This will download the file for you to save to your computer.


We have each product class separated for easy searching.

The product’s part number

A description on the product

In Stock
If the product is in stock, there will be a number of how many are available

Next available
If the product has a build (or more) scheduled, the date and quantity will show

List Price
MSRP of the product

Using the WL12000HE-03/B as an example, you can see there are 0 units in stock. The next available date is 2/20/2020 of 12 units. The quantity builds on each available date to include what is in stock plus the previous build. I.e., the quantity of 89 on 4/9/2020 includes the 30 from 3/3 and the 12 from 2/20. 

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WINCO is dedicated to provide easily accessible training documents and videos. When more training is available, we will send out notifications.

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In Quote History, you will be able to download a PDF, preview the quote, change the status of the quote. Quote History will display quotes from present to two years out.


To download a PDF, click the PDF icon to the left of the quote number. You will then be able to save the document to your computer.


Click on the quote number your want to preview. You can add and subtract from your quote here. See the Quote section of this instruction to show how to add a product.


Click on the Open under the Status section and window will pop up.

Change the drop down to select Win or Loss

Loss Reason
We like to have feedback on why a quote was won or lost. No matter the outcome, select the reason that matches closest.

If you have any additional notes for you to keep track of or want us to know, please fill out this section.


You are able to download a synopsis of all your quotes, this will include status, win/loss reason and notes.

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While logged in, go to the product page of the generator model you want to quote.

Use the dropdowns to select the correct options to your spec. Some generators will have required information you have to select before you can finalize your quote.

Once you have selected all of your options, select the Add to Quote button. You can select your quantity in the box next to the button.

By selecting the Add to Quote button, you will go to a quote summary. From here you can ‘continue shopping’ and add more products to your quote.

If you are finished with your quote, select the Finalize Quote button.


Project Name
A project name must be filled out in order to finalize the quote. This will keep quotes organized and easily found in Quote History.

Ship To
This will default to your main address on file. You can click on the One Time Ship To box and add an address, though this is not necessary.

Expected Close Date
This date will automatically be set a month out. Or you can change the date to when you expect to close the quote.

Special Instructions
If you have any notes you would like to keep on the quote, enter them here.

Update Quote
Once you click the Update Quote button, a PDF will automatically download. You will also receive an email of the quote

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Support: 507-357-6821