The WINCO PSS30 has a fresh new look! We have redesigned the PSS30 with a Zenith 2.8L engine and a new SO Series Stamford generator end. It is designed to provide the most reliable emergency electrical power of any generator in its class.  WINCO has been in the generator business since 1927 and specializes in domestically manufacturing high quality generators. WINCO continues this long tradition with the PSS30. Powered by the industrial 2.8L Zenith engine the PSS30 is both reliable and fuel efficient. The industrial Stamford generator end produces exceptionally clean and stable power. With voltage regulation +/-1% and <5% total harmonic distortion, this emergency generator is safe for sensitive electronics.

Engine Features

  • Industrial Zenith 2.8L engine.
  • Liquid-cooled design extends life of generator over air-cooled models.
  • 1800 RPM operation is more fuel efficient and is quieter.
  • Field selectable between NG and LP gas with the flip of a switch.

Generator Features

  • The new Stamford SO series generator end. Has a longer warranty and includes auxiliary winding, standard with short circuit capabilty.
  • Automatic Voltage Regulator provides +/-1% regulation.
  • Available in all common voltages.
  • Optional generator strip heater (reduces condensation) and Excitation Boost System (improves motor starting) are available.

Control Features

  • Complete digital instrumentation monitors and displays engine and generator operating parameters.
  • Safety shutdowns are configured to protect the generator and load from conditions that can cause expensive repairs.
  • Programmable inputs and outputs allow the generator to easily integrate into larger systems.
  • NFPA 110 configurations are available.
  • All alarms are visually annunciated on the front panel.
  • A 250 event log records important events to aid in troubleshooting and repair.

Other Features

  • Galvanneal steel enclosure is strong, corrosion resistant and quiet.
  • Critical grade muffler reduces noise output.
  • Side panels are completely removable to provide complete access to engine for routine maintenance.
  • Oil and coolant drain extensions are included standard.
  • Generator is shipped wet.
  • 100% load tested.
  • Exercise mode is at full speed to properly verify generator electrical performance.
  • ETL listed to UL Std 2200.

*This engine is only EPA certified for standby applications. Prime power applications must be locally permitted and the owner is responsible for all engine warranty.

**This generator is available in 50hz and numerous other voltages. Contact the factory for information on configurations not listed in the standard specification sheet.

SKU 99971-270  
Shipping Weight 1,478.00 lbs
Fuel System
Generator Strip Heater
NFPA 110
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Engine Make Zenith
Engine Model Industrial
Cylinders In-Line 4
Engine Displacement 2.8 L
Cooling Liquid
Operating Speed 1800 RPM
Fuel NG/LP Gas Field Selectable
Emissions EPA/CARB Standby
Fuel Consumption (100% Load) 4.74 gal/hr (LP)
Max Output (kW) 30
THD < 5%
Voltage Regulation +/-1%
Digital Control Configurable
Engine Warranty 2 yr/2000 hrs
Generator Warranty 3 yrs
Dimensions 81x35.66x44.03 in
Shipping Weight 1478
ETL Listed UL 2200
Vapor Fuel Strainer
Vapor Fuel Strainer
Remote Display Panel
Remote Display Panel
Large Battery Heater
Large Battery Heater
Remote Annunciator
Remote Annunciator
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