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Department Supervisor


Take full responsibility for personnel, production and quality in assigned departments. Communicate effectively with department personnel, peers, and management. Select, orient, and train new employees; manage, develop, and motivate direct reporting personnel. Properly organize and assign work in assigned departments. Identify opportunities for improvement and implement changes to capture those opportunities. Ensure that Health and Safety rules and regulations are adhered to in all areas and educate and direct personnel on the use of all control points, equipment, and resources to maintain compliance with established policies and procedures. Resolve personnel problems by analyzing data, investigating issues, identifying solutions and recommending action. Execute production plans daily, on time and with first pass yields. Knowledge of manufacturing processes and continuous improvement methods required. Previous supervisor experience required. Sheet metal experience a plus.


Candidates must have leadership skills, ability to plan and organize work flow, expedite product assembly, maintain records, manage and enforce company policies, procedures and standards, and train in safe work practices.


2 thoughts on “Department Supervisor

  1. I learned today about WINCO policy regarding alcohol sales. First of all I do not drink. I was asked basked for my “ID” I asked why? I was told it was Winco policy to require ID to purchase beer. Again I asked why. Its to make sure I was of legal age required to buy beer. Ih asked how Old I looked they clerk refused to answer. SO I asked if I looked 21 or older. Se stated older. I asked how older. she refused to answer. So I produced my Arkansas Drivers License. She didn’t look for my Birthday to see how old I was she looked and stated there it is, “This license expires and quoted the date 9/19/ 2018. I said “so what” It also states that I’m 58 years old and not 21. Additionally it has a photo of myself which clearly show it’s me
    She stated we cannot accept expired ID I asked “why” ? She stated “It’s company policy” I said ok, but it’s not the law! Then she stated she could not sell me beer. Then I sad you are stupid and told her to keep all of the groceries then, your company policy is not acceptable to me. And I left.
    I went back today, the cashier knows me and all was accepted, he Ok’d the employee override when asked for ID and I went to pay…. SO I called him back over and showed him my ID. Then he refused to sell me beer after already approving the sale. Called for manager,, same story

    Heres where we are at: I refuse to buy or do business with “PEOPLE” who are stupid, and blindly follow policies that are not relevant.

    SO bottom line,, WINCO looses $950.00 a month in grocery sales because you promote irrelevant policies.

    1. Good morning Stewart. I am sorry to hear about your frustrating situation at WinCo Foods. You have contacted WINCO Generators and not the grocery store. We are not affiliated. Here is a link to their website to contact them:

      I hope you have a much better day today!

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