Get to Know WINCO

This month we are getting a two-for-one!

Name: David Dominguez
Position: Tester
Hobbies: Gaming, Camping, Fishing

Name: Josie Krugerud-Dominguez
Position: Marketing Specialist
Hobbies: Photography, Drawing, Crocheting

Q: How long have you worked at WINCO?
A: David – 8 years
Josie – 7.5 years

Q: You recently got married this month, did you have any plans change due to the COVID pandemic?
A: Yes. We were going to get married in a different town than we did. Luckily, our church and a hall nearby were available. We didn’t have as many guests as we had hoped, but understood about health concerns. David’s family was able to make it from California, so we were grateful for that!

Q: Do you have any kids?
A: Josie: I have a daughter, Audrey, from a previous relationship. We also have a dog and 3 cats ruling the house.

Q: David, which is your favorite, ice fishing or open water fishing?
A: I like them both. I recently went on my brother-in-law’s bass boat and finally caught a bass. I am looking forward to ice fishing. I hope to get out more often this winter.

Q: Josie, I heard you have been crocheting a lot lately. What are you making?
A: It all started when my daughter requested I make her a blanket. Then my niece asked for one. So I decided to make one for all my nieces and nephews. My aunt and grandma made me blankets, so I thought I would carry on that tradition. I have 5 done, 1 being worked on and then 3 more to go.

Thank you David & Josie for taking time to talk to me, I look forward to working with you!

If you come to visit us at WINCO, be sure to stop and say ‘Hi’ to David & Josie! Stay tuned, next month we will meet up with another great employee!

See you soon!


End of Life Product Announcement

At WINCO, we are constantly engineering and updating out product line! Our latest update is on the WL18000VE. We have redesigned this Big Dog to produce 10% more power. The good news is that even though we increased the power by 10% our engineering and purchasing team have made it possible to sell the new model at the SAME price!

Before we transition to the new WL18000VE/B, we are going to sell out of the previous version first. With the increase in shipments to areas affected by storms we are going to run out of the current model a lot earlier than we anticipated. We anticipate we will run out before the end of September and apologize for the short notice.

Let’s compare the difference between the old and new models:


Click here to get more information and downloads of the new WL18000VE.


There’s a new Big Dog in town!

Say hello to the WL16000HE

The newest generator joining our industrial line.

This WL16000HE has all the best components that make our generators stand out! We are a big fan of Honda engines and are excited about the iGX800. Like our other Big Dogs, you get the tough, heavy gauge galvanealed steel, robust receptacle package, industrial generator, all with a 3 year warranty.

We all love more power! The WL16000HE produces 30% more power than our WL12000HE! The receptacle panel has two L6-30 receptacles giving you the capability to run two welders at the same time!

Honda iGX800 Fuel Injected Engine

Easier engine starting
Smoother, more consistent throttle response
Better fuel efficiency
Cleaner exhaust
Better frequency control – Self Tuning Regulator (STR) keeps you right at 60 hz from no load to full load

Click here to get more information and downloads.


Brigg’s & Stratton

On July 20th, 2020 B&S announced that hey are filing Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. Chapter 11 is designed to keep businesses running without any intention of shutting down. The good news is that there is at least one buyer ready to purchase the company out of bankruptcy.

In short , we are cautiously optimistic. Briggs has been very responsive and continues to produce new engines. We believe that Briggs & Stratton will emerge out of this stronger than before. Since not everything is fool proof, we are evaluating other engine options for the 31 and 35 HP engines, that could be affected if Chapter 11 doesn’t work out as planned.

WINCO is actively monitoring the situation. We want you to be rest assured that no matter the outcome, WINCO will be ready to adjust.

Click here for more information from Briggs & Stratton.


Get to know WINCO

WINCO is a family-owned business with almost 80 employees. We thought it would be great to meet them!

Name: Brandyn Raduenz
Position: Quality Assurance
Hobbies: Collects comic books & license plates

Q: How long have you worked at WINCO?
A: This week will be 2 years.

Q: Tell me a little about your family.
A: I am married to Autumn and we have two children, Trinity and Lincoln.

Q: You were recently married, did the COVID pandemic change any of your plans?
A: Luckily, no. We were married July 3rd at an outside venue. We were lucky that the venue stayed open.

Q: Do you have any plans for the summer?
A: We are trying to spend family time outdoors and at state parks.

Q: What type of comics do you collect?
A: Quite a broad range. I have DC, Marvel, and many before those two came out.

Q: What is your favorite comic book you own?
A: I recently acquired Wonder Woman #45 which has her origin story.

Q: What type of license plates do you collect?
A: Mostly farm plates, mainly from Minnesota, but I collect them from other states as well.

Thank you Brandyn for taking time to talk to me, I look forward to working with you!

If you come to visit us at WINCO, be sure to stop and say ‘Hi’ to Brandyn! Stay tuned, next month we will meet up with another great employee!

See you soon!