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Our PSS30 is a perfect standby for many different power needs. Whether it is for a large home or a small business, you will appreciate the reliability of the unit. It is built with an excellent Zenith engine and the newest S-Series generator end from Stamford. It is not unreasonable to expect 20-30 years of service from a well-maintained unit like this.

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Product Features

Zenith 2.8L Engine
     The 4-cylinder, overhead valve engine meets EPA/CARB
     emission regulations.
NEW Stamford Generator End
     The new S Series has a 3 year warranty on the generator end
     and includes auxiliary winding standard with short circuit
Premium Circuit Breakers
     Dependable circuit breaker protection.
Battery Charger
     Factory installed 3 stage, 2 Amp battery charger.
Block Heater
     In-line Kim Hotstart, 120V, block heater with thermostat.
     Our digital controller is more powerful and dynamic with
     user-friendly interface.
Galvanealed Steel Weather Enclosure
     Our weather enclosures provide sound reduction while our
     powder coat paint provides a durable, long lasting finish.
100% Load Tested
     We load test every generator before it leaves our factory.

Additional Information

Watts LP

120/240 1-Ph: 30000
120/208 3-Ph: 30000
120/240 3-Ph: 30000
277/480 3-Ph: 30000

Watts NG

120/240 1-Ph: 28000
120/208 3-Ph: 28000
120/240 3-Ph: 28000
277/480 3-Ph: 28000

Amps LP

120/240 1-Ph: 125
120/208 3-Ph: 104
120/240 3-Ph: 90
277/480 3-Ph: 45

Amps NG

120/240 1-Ph: 116
120/208 3-Ph: 97
120/240 3-Ph: 84
277/480 3-Ph: 42

Voltage Regulation

AS540 +/-1%


Zenith 428 2.8L


Open Skid – 80.5" x 36" x 42.75"
Enclosed – 81" x 36" x 43.2"


1396 lbs.

Unit Warranty

2 yrs/2000 hrs

Assembled In



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