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Fuel Venting System

In 2013, Winco began manufacturing its portable generators utilizing a different kind of fuel venting system to maintain compliance with the EPA's evaporative emissions standards. We created a YouTube video to illustrate how our new system works and describe the function of the new parts like the slosh valve and carbon canister. 



A proper understanding of the system will help you correctly diagnose problems and select the most appropriate solution. The biggest change is that fuel tank pressure problems will no longer focus on issues with the fuel cap.  While an understanding of the fuel system is helpful for everyone, troubleshooting and repairs should only be completed by properly trained professionals. WINCO works with an extensive network of service centers to assist you if any repairs become necessary.

There are three main areas to check if your gasoline tank is not dispersing pressure:

  1. The slosh valve may be closed or blocked. Liquid fuel could have pushed the slosh valve up (examples would be putting the generator on a very steep slope or overfilling the tank) and then the valve may be stuck in the closed position.
  2. Check the vent lines as they could be damaged or blocked.
  3.  Check the carbon canister and make sure it has not been damaged. 

The fuel cap is sealed and will not vent any pressure with these designs.